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The Committee on the Shelterless (COTS) helps people who are hungry, homeless or at risk for homelessness. Founded in 1988, this year COTS is celebrating 25 years of service to Sonoma County.

An important goal of the St. John’s parish is to support local causes which make an impact. For the past five years St. John’s has partnered with COTS by donating a percentage of the proceeds from fundraising to support COTS programs.

In 2014, our Big Night Out donated $5,000 to help fund the COTS’ Food Box Program. This program was established in 1997 to provide food to needy families, seniors and the working poor.  Many families and individuals in Petaluma go hungry in order to pay their rent.  COTS distributes free weekly food boxes to these individuals and families.  Each box contains enough food for about 32 meals.  Volunteers deliver some 300 food boxes per week and last year alone this program provided food to over 650 families.  A portion of the proceeds from the Big Night Out will directly benefit this important community-based program.

NEWS FROM COTS - June 6, 2016:

Dear COTS Friends,

As a friends and supporters, we wanted to reach out to you after this last week's Petaluma Argus Courier and Press Democrat  headlines. You may have read that the Mary Isaak Center and our sister agencies in Santa Rosa are experiencing a $1.2M loss in funding to emergency shelters. We have known about this funding loss since January, and have been leading response efforts on behalf of our entire homeless services system. Thanks to the Board of Supervisors and the City of Petaluma, funding is secure for the next year. However, we must take action to develop a more permanent funding solution.

How can you help?

  • Donate Now.  Your financial contributions are needed and appreciated and will help us to continue to respond to this issue in the coming year.
  • Contact us.  CEO Mike Johnson is available by cell phone (707-478-2481) and email to answer questions.
  • Participate.  The County of Sonoma will be convening an August 2016 Homelessness Summit in South Sonoma County to facilitate a community dialogue. We encourage your participation and voice in this conversation. More details will be forthcoming.
  • Write.  Communicate with your elected officials at the state and local level about the importance of shelters like the Mary Isaak Center.

We know that shelter works — especially at COTS. The Board of Directors and leadership at COTS is committed to our transformative mission. We believe that homeless people can be helped, want to be helped, and that we know how to help. Thank you for your belief in COTS and in the value we bring to Sonoma County.

— Sarah Quinto , Vice President of Development, COTS​

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