First Friday Taize


St. John’s has been hosting Taize services in Petaluma on the first Friday of the month since 2009. These candlelit services of contemplative chant and song offer participants an alternative worship experience to the traditional Sunday morning church service. The Taize service is ecumenical, providing a quiet space for spiritual communion with no preaching, no doctrine, just a calm environment for meditation and for song led by a cantor to the melodious tones of piano and cello.

The origins of this unique worship service lie in France during World War II when a monastic community in the remote village of Taize developed an ecumenical form of worship that could include the many Jewish refugees they were secretly harboring. After the war ended, the Taize brothers then undertook the care of numerous German prisoners-of-war, mostly Lutheran. Today, each week thousands of pilgrims from all faiths journey to Taize to experience the beauty and harmony of this diverse spirit-filled community. Since France is a long way away from Northern California, we at St. John’s welcome people from all spiritual paths to join us for the Taize experience in our heritage 1890 sanctuary at the corner of Fifth & C in Petaluma.

At special times in the year, Taize services are incorporated into a Labyrnth Walk.