Godly Play and Connect Sunday School

The Sunday School program is supported by an ever-growing team of fantastic teachers including, Heather Oehm, Alison Adams, Kari Klein, Monty Sullivan, Amy Anderson, Emily Betts, Robyn Klein, and Sarah Hudspeth. We welcome anyone to join us in this important ministry of teaching our future generation about the love of God and our Lord Jesus. If you are interested in joining the Sunday School ministry contact Elizabeth Schroeder at eschroeder16@yahoo.com

If you have any questions or would like more information about Sunday School at St. John's please contact Elizabeth Schroeder at eschroeder16@yahoo.com or 707-332-4978.

For children PreK through grade 3: Godly Play is about coming to know God through the art of storytelling. In Godly Play, children are encouraged on their spiritual journeys through the beautiful, rich language found in every Godly Play story. The stories are told with the help of simple organic materials that the children are invited to explore and play with after the storytelling time. Godly Play happens every Sunday through the school year. We begin the year with the “Circle of the Church Year”, “The Holy Family”, “Creation”, and “The Flood”.


The goal of our Connect! curriculum (grade 4 on up) is “to engage preteens in God’s big story through videos, Bible exploration and hands-on projects“. Each class begins with a warm-up game or discussion, followed by a video that often demonstrates a real life connection between the Bible readings and an everyday dilemma. The kids then read aloud the Bible passages and discuss. For more information go to www.wearesparkhouse.org.


  December 2020  
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