Mara Arack

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Assigned by Bishop Barry Beisner to St. John’s, the Rev. Mara Arack has been a deacon since her ordination on August 13, 2016. She serves at St. John’s from February through June, and at a parish in Humboldt county July through December. A deacon serves directly under her bishop. Her special charge is to bring the concerns of the community and the world to the church, and to discern with the congregation how they, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit they have been given, can as a faithful Christian community serve Jesus by serving others. Deacons assist the church to work for justice, mercy and peace. Such service fulfills our baptismal vows to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves. Deacon Mara is also trained and available for pastoral counsel.

Deacon Mara was a college English teacher in the San Joaquin Valley before retiring in 2008.  Prior to studying for the diaconate beginning in 2012, Deacon Mara was a hospital chaplain and an ombudsman for Area 1 Agency on Aging in Humboldt county for several years. She is married to George, a retired criminal defense attorney. She has five adult children and five grandchildren.

Deacon Mara holds an office hour on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm at St. John's, in the office across from the mail room.

Because she is occasionally out of town, please email her at mara.arack@gmail.com or call her at (707) 407-7347 to let her know your intend to meet with her.  All communication is confidential, as with any ordained person.

  February 2020  
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