Mission and Vision

The Mission of St. John’s Episcopal Church is to Bring Christ To Life: 

Celebrating the mysteries;

Honoring the beauty and wisdom of every person;

Healing the soul; and

Serving the peace and renewal of the Earth.

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St. John’s is a place where people are drawn by the love of God, called to seek the divine image in themselves and one another; uniting in praise and thanksgiving at Christ’s table, in contemplation and discernment, and in active works of wisdom, justice, beauty, and truth, we share here on earth in the joys of heaven.  It is a place from which each of us is sent to find the unique vocation that grows from our responsibilities and gifts, and to play our part in the mission of Christ to the world.  We are a circle from which no one who is not a real danger to others is excluded, in which every voice is heard, and every truth respected, where no one is above criticism, and no one is beyond hope.

We foster a religious culture devoted to the maturation of our spiritual gifts and the satisfaction of our deepest needs by the grace of God—through taking creative risks, telling the truth, making repentance, seeking reconciliation, and empowering one another for servant-leadership in the world.  We take nourishment from the testimony of the Hebrew prophets and sages and the Apostolic communities; from the teaching and example of holy women and men of the past and present; from the riches of Christian tradition in music and the arts, mysticism, theology, and social action; from our membership in a worldwide communion of Anglican brothers and sisters, and the ecumenical body of Christ; from the rhythms of the hours and the church year, and the sacramental elements of grace.  

We are a place for joyous worship, with strong participation by people of all ages, representing the cultural diversity of our community, and bringing the talents of many leaders together in stirring, centering, prayerful, and purposeful celebrations of the Holy Spirit.  We are a learning community practicing the arts of peace—compassionate dialogue, open inquiry, and courageous discipleship.  We seek personal encounter across social, political, and religious barriers, in the shared pursuit of mutual understanding and the common good.  We offer space for a deeper and kindlier look at the world in which we live, where simplicity and faith allow us to hear the voice of the earth, of our bodies, and of the heart, and encouragement to take reverent and practical steps to restore the balance of the world.

We are wise and loving stewards of the goods we receive, cherishing the past and preparing for the future, without illusions about either, but placing our trust in God’s covenant faithfulness, the truth of the Gospel, and the resilience of creation.

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