Peace & Justice Committee

Purpose of the Committee:


To deepen the engagement of St. John’s with the greater community concerning peace and justice issues, to celebrate and strengthen awareness and commitment to what we are already doing as a faith community and to build upon those efforts.



  • Membership: All are welcome: this committee comprises all interested people in St. John’s Parish. After the first few months of the committee’s existence, we will reevaluate our structure and formalize roles as needed. Initially, Frances Frazier will convene meetings, and Mara Arack, deacon, will act as liaison to the vestry until such time as another member is selected, or until June 1. • Meets monthly at a time mutually agreed on. When possible we will meet in the St. John’s library.
  • Actions taken by the committee will be based on consensus as to what are the greatest needs in our community to which we are called and equipped to respond. Division of labor on our work will be based on each member taking responsibility for the fulfillment of the purposes of this committee as the hands, heart and head of Christ, depending on her or his gifts, talents, and resources of time and energy. Outside funding sources will be sought if needed for projects.
  • Ecumenical in nature: we will thrive by connecting with the wider faith community. As we continue to meet, we will develop a governing structure best suited to our work.
  • We will make ourselves aware of what is happening and being formed in our deanery and the Diocese so that we can pool resources, avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts, support resolutions which we discern are vital to our Petaluma community, and align with the spirit-filled vision of the Diocese.