Sacred Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance is not meeting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dance is a meditation in movement, a walking into silence –
where everywhere movement become a prayer. 

- Bernard Wosien, founder of the Sacred Circle Dance movement.

Every third Wednesday evening we gather in St. John’s Parish Hall, from 7 - 9 pm, join hands in a circle and dance. The dances are simple, both meditative and joyful, to music from many cultures. They are always taught first and no experience is necessary.

Dancing of this kind has been done as long as people have walked the earth. From time immemorial, we have danced to honor and celebrate, mark passages, seasons and change – all things that connect us to the rhythms of the earth, to each other and our spiritual source.  As the name suggests, the dance form is a circle – the oldest form of dance on the earth. The circle allows everyone, whatever age or background, to feel safe, to relax, discover the joy of dancing, and recognize ourselves as part of a whole. As we dance we hold hands, which gives a sense of support and a feeling of friendship and community, and allowing the energy to flow around the circle. We enjoy the spirit of the dances and the sense of oneness and peace that moving rhythmically in a supportive circle can bring.

When we join hands and dance our mental, physical and spiritual selves unite...
the rocks, crystals, earth and all the Cosmos feel this, we become one.   

- Thich Nhat Hanh

For further information please contact Sally Denman at 707-773-3111